Deer, Wild Fowl, Alligator & Exotic Hunting

South Louisiana’s Premiere Hunting Destination

At The Island, hunting is our passion. We are outdoor enthusiasts and we know what makes hunting memorable. That’s why we strive to cater to every hunter’s needs and ensure you enjoy your stay with us.

We offer hunts ranging from classic Louisiana white-tailed deer to more exotic hunts such as alligator, pheasant, fallow, axis and sika deer hunting.

We encourage hunters to bring their own equipment, but we also keep a collection of firearms and ammunition on premises for rent or purchase.

Hunting licenses are required in Louisiana, and can easily be purchased online. We’re also happy to assist any member of your hunting party in acquiring licenses, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

All hunts are subject to a 50% deposit that is due upon booking. This deposit will be returned if the hunt is cancelled prior to 60 days before the scheduled hunt. No exceptions. 



Join us at The Island for our whitetail trophy buck hunts. Deer cleaning and packaging is included so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is your aim.

Up to 150″                   $5,000

151″ – 160″                  $6,000

161″ – 170″                  $7,000

171″ – 180″                  $8,000

181″ – 190″                  $9,000

191″ – 200″                  $10,500

201″ – 220″                  $12,500

221″ and Up               $12,500 

                                     + $150 per inch

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Join us at The Island for our Alligator hunts on the bayous of Louisiana! Alligator processing and packaging is included.

The Island is also the original home of Spots, the beloved blue-eyed white alligator who lived at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas for 24 years. Spots was recovered from an adjoining area in 1986 by the original land owners, Louisiana Land and Exploration Company, and lived on the grounds until he was donated to the Audubon Zoo in 1990.

Up to 8ft                   $1,500

8ft – 10ft                    $2,000

10ft – 12ft                  $2,500

12ft – 13ft                  $4,000

13ft and Up              $4,000 + $300 per inch

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Join us at The Island for a European-style tower pheasant shoot.

12 pheasants per person for $550

Minimum of 10 people per hunt

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SEASON > November-January

Start your Pheasant & Quail Combo hunt with an evening at the gun range, followed by a full Cajun dinner with your group. Awake with a full spread breakfast then embark on a field quail hunt. After Lunch, enjoy a European-style tower pheasant shoot.

Minimum of 10 people per combo hunt

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Field Hunts


Standard Hunt- $675 : 4 Pheasants, 4 Chukars, and 12 Quail per hunter

Premium Hunt- $875 : 8 Pheasants, 8 Chukars, and 16 Quail per hunter

  • Minimum of 3 people per hunt
  • Includes 2 boxes of shells per hunter
  • A professional guide and highly trained dogs will accompany you on your hunt

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SEASON > Year Around

These hunts are subject to availability. Exotic hunts include deer cleaning and packaging.

Fallow Buck Gold      $4,900
Fallow Buck Silver     $3,250

Axis Buck 

up to 31″                    $3,500

32″ – 34″                    $4,000

35″ and up                $4,750

Axis Doe                   $1,000

Sika Buck                 $4,000

Black Hawaiian Ram   $3,000

Pere David Buck       $8,000

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